The Resurfacing treatment.


Specifically designed and used for over 10 years by plastic surgeons.
Bloomea is a true mechanical skin resurfacing revolution that corrects the signs of aging, rejuvenates the skin quality and boosts the elastin and collagen production naturally.

The Treatment

A simple & painless 2 actions process.


Bloomea is a safe 2-actions treatment that doesn’t require downtime and can performed weekly on the body and the face. Depending on the client’s needs, the more you progress in the sessions, the greater the efficiency is. Over time, the new cells that regenerative a tighter, younger-looking skin.

The Macro Exfoliation

A mechanical resurfacing of the epidermis removes the superficial imperfections, layer by layer, to smoother skin and brighter complexion.


Tightens and tones the skin through a high-frequency oscillation system to increase the production of collagen and elastin.

Treat ANY Concerns.


This treatment fades away multiple imperfections of the skin, from the texture to the complexion:

  • Reduces & smoothes fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Tones the skin
  • Refines skin texture
  • Tighten pores
  • Fades hyperpigmentation (pregnancy masks and sun spots)
  • Treats acne scars
  • Reduces and smooths post-operative scars
  • Treats stretch marks

Real Patients

Proven Reasults.

Real Patients


Regular prices *


10 - 35 mm

$ 50 – 175


10 - 35 mm

$ 50 – 175

Packages *


6 sessions

Progressive program between 10 - 35 mm

$ 575

Reg. $675


6 sessions

Progressive program between 20 - 45 mm

$ 850

Reg. $975

10 sessions

Progressive program between 20 - 45 mm

$ 1500

Reg. $1765


Bloomea is suitable for all skin types, age groups, and various skin ethnicities. The service offers different settings to accommodate different skin types and conditions, ensuring that even sensitive skin can be treated.

Immediately after a session, you can expect to see a brighter complexion with a more even skin tone. A series of Bloomea treatments will further enhance and maintain these results, leading to the best possible outcome.

The frequency of Bloomea treatments can be every 2-4 weeks, with the exact interval dependent on factors such as skin type, skin condition, and the specific treatment area

To achieve optimal results, we highly recommend considering a series of treatments. The number of sessions required will vary based on the treated area and its condition. A comprehensive consultation will determine the precise treatment plan. It’s worth noting that Bloomea can also be utilized for a single beauty facial treatment.

Diminishes Acne Blemishes And Acne Scars, Brightens And Evens Out Skin Tone, Improves Skin Firmness And Density, Diminishes Skin Discoloration And Spots, Including Sun Spots


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